Imagine a movement of Mamas who are equipped, empowered and inspired: not only to cope with educating their children, their work and lives, but to truly flourish and thrive! A safe space where we can be healed of triggers and disqualifications that pop up as we endeavour to give our best to our children.  An empowering journey – adopting a grid to filter all of the curriculums, options and advice available out there, in a way that brings clarity and gets rid of overwhelm and costly mistakes. 

I’m Lana, and I see us thrive as we learn to implement principles that actually work, and leveraging the power of mentoring and community!

Can you see our children? A generation rising up to be the Leaders, Thinkers and Innovators, Healers and Builders of tomorrow…

Let’s invest in you! Here’s how:

What Moms are saying…

So much wisdom

What a beautiful and powerful session! So much wisdom and practical tips!


Safe and live-giving space

Thank you for this safe and live-giving space!


Love, love, love Tribe!

Love, love, love Tribe! Thank you for this space! Everyone who talks to me for longer than 10 min knows that this is my space!


When you are part of Tribe

When you are part of Tribe, you get the best Homeschooling support but also get the best Besties 🙂


Aah Lana… you are just incredible

Aah Lana... you are just incredible. You have brought so many life-giving people over my path... I recognise and honor that special calling and light that God has placed in you. LifeGrit is amazing. I am absolutely blessed and honored to be a part of this Tribe!


If it was only for me

Lana, if it was only for me, you have fulfilled your purpose... gosh, I'm grateful. You are an incredible facilitator in these discussions.


This space is really a safe place

This space is really a safe place where healing and transformation and growth can happen, regardless of how long it takes.


Lana oozes wisdom

Lana oozes wisdom. She helps to ignite valuable skills and growth in our and the next generations.


Such a gift to us all

The work you do is such a gift to us all. Thank you for coming alongside us as we learn and grow!


This adds enormous value

This adds enormous value to my personal goal of becoming a mentor of future leaders.  


Absolute gold

Guys, this was AMAZING! I love what you brought and all the input and comments. Absolute gold. Thanks so much.


I need this for my family

I need this for my family. All of us need to be equipped with entrepreneurial thinking.


I am not a homeschool Mama but Tribe

I am not a homeschool Mama but Tribe has really been an amazing way to build a network to learn from and equipping me to tackle this amazing role with joy and reverence. Also, when this Tribe speaks, they don't vote you out, they build!


The CO2 levels in the atmosphere have increased

The CO2 levels in the atmosphere have increased with all my sighs of relief 😁 I am gaining so many life-giving gems that have a huge impact on my mindset!


Lana, you are the friend every parent needs

Lana, you are the friend every parent needs. I am blown away by the quality and depth of content in Tribe. Thank you 💜


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